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  • Weapons for Battlefield 2042 No Recoil Macro;
    RM68, GEW-46, AM40, AVANCYS, PBX45, PP29, MP9, K30, M5A3, AK24, SFAR, LCMG, PKP-BP, RORSCH MK4.

  • Work and Support All Windows Versions
  • Undetected & Secure
  • Easy to Switch Weapon
  • Easy Installation
  • Works with any resolution
  • Humanized No Recoil
  • Work with any DPI

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Battlefield 2042 No Recoil Macro

Elevate Your Battlefield 2042 Performance with No-Recoil Macros; Battlefield 2042 has stormed the gaming landscape, marking a dominant position in the modern shooter genre. Its thrilling combat and evolving dynamics have set it atop the gaming world. Yet, mastering the game’s intricate recoil patterns can be a significant challenge.

Sharpen Your Skills with No-Recoil Macros

For devoted Battlefield 2042 players, no-recoil macros act as a game-changing tool. Tailored for top mouse brands such as Logitech, A4Tech, Bloody, Sharkoon and Razer, these macros deliver unmatched precision, even during intense, high-recoil firefights.

Utilizing Lua Scripts for Various Brands

Whether you’re equipped with a Logitech, bespoke Lua scripts for Battlefield 2042 amplify your shooting precision.

Elite Gaming Mice Brands

Brands like Logitech, A4Tech, Bloody, Sharkoon and Razer reign supreme in the gaming gear domain, presenting the best mice for every Battlefield 2042.

Steps to Acquire Your No-Recoil Macro for Battlefield 2042:

  1. Pick your Mouse Model and click ‘Add to Cart’ for Battlefield 2042.
  2. Proceed with the payment steps and download the No Recoil Macro Files.

In the electrifying realm of Battlefield 2042, no-recoil macros compatible with leading brands like Logitech, A4Tech, and Razer are pivotal in magnifying the gameplay experience.

  • Undetected & Safe
  • Use Any DPI
  • Get your No Recoil Macro today!


Battlefield 2042 No Recoil Macro OFFBattlefield 2042 No Recoil Macro ON
Battlefield 2042 No Recoil Macro OFFBattlefield 2042 No Recoil Macro ON
Battlefield 2042 No Recoil Macro OFFBattlefield 2042 No Recoil Macro ON



Check out the Battlefield 2042 No Recoil Macro Video Tutorial;


Battlefield 2042 Ultimate Weapon Guide

Delve into the vast weaponry of Battlefield 2042. This guide delivers insights into the primary weapons defining the bf2042.


Battlefield 2042 emerges as a juggernaut in the first-person shooter arena, with its diverse weapon lineup serving as a cornerstone. Gaining proficiency with each weapon’s unique traits can grant a formidable edge during intense confrontations.

Assault and Battle Rifles Overview

  • RM68: Recognized for its impeccable long-range precision, this rifle is a marksman’s go-to.
  • GEW-46: A burst assault rifle, the GEW-46 ensures a balanced damage delivery.
  • AM40: Delivering powerful rounds, the AM40 can incapacitate adversaries swiftly.
  • AVANCYS: A versatile firearm, the AVANCYS excels in both mid and immediate combat zones.
  • PBX45: This semi-automatic rifle is chosen by snipers for its unwavering accuracy.

Submachine Guns and Light Machine Guns

  • PP29: A classic in its category, the PP29 touts remarkable fire rates for quick skirmishes.
  • MP9: Potent and stable, this LMG stands out in extended combat.
  • K30: Energy-infused, the K30 boasts a refined recoil pattern for pinpoint shooting.
  • M5A3: Renowned for its blazing fire rate, turning close combats into decisive victories.
  • AK24: Equipped with a large magazine, the AK24 ensures supremacy in shootouts.
  • SFAR: An energy-based LMG, the SFAR’s acceleration in fire rate can catch enemies off guard.
  • LCMG: Known for its consistent output, it becomes a force to reckon with when mastered.
  • PKP-BP: A trustworthy LMG apt for various combat situations.

Pistols, Shotguns, and Unique Weapons

  • RORSCH MK4: Noted for its distinctive firing mechanism, this weapon can catch adversaries off-guard.
  • MP9: A robust handgun, the MP9 delivers significant damage with each round.
  • PP29: Its rapid-fire capacity renders this automatic pistol a favorite in tight situations.
  • GEW-46: Featherweight and swift, making it ideal for initial battlefield loot scenarios.
  • AM40: A semi-automatic shotgun, the AM40 thrives in close-combat scenarios.


Mastering the weapon landscape of Battlefield 2042 can critically enhance your odds of success on the battlefield. Dive deeper into specific tactics and weapon modifications to truly refine your combat prowess.

For detailed weapon strategies and gameplay tips, check out our blog.

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Logitech, Corsair, Razer, Bloody, A4Tech, Sharkoon


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